Moments in Leadership

Vice Admiral Boxall was commissioned in 1984 and went on to become a surface warfare officer whose time in the navy included the commander of carrier strike Group 3 aboard the USS John C Stennis. He had command of the USS Lake Erie the USS Carney and was the executive officer of the USS Hue city. He served tours as a combat systems officer aboard the USS Simpson and the USS Ramage and was a division officer on the USS Merrell and USS Kinkaid. Currently, he is serving as the director for force structure resources and assessment which is the J8 on the joint staff.

What is Moments in Leadership?

Moments in Leadership is a podcast where you will hear firsthand about the careers of senior military leaders as they share their own unique and individual experiences. Moments in Leadership will immerse you in real-life stories where you will learn about the challenging situations these accomplished leaders faced and discover the lessons they learned early in their careers that were the most influential to developing their overall leadership style.