Show Me Archaeology

In this episode, we discuss academic archaeologist Dr. Carl Lipo’s innovative work on cooperative social behavior at two famous sites with monumental architecture: Rapa Nui (also known as Easter Island, Chile) and Poverty Point World Heritage Site, Louisiana.  

One of the most powerful aspects of being human is our ability to live and work together in ways that enable us to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. In our conversation, Dr. Lipo discusses how cooperation emerges in the classroom and in the histories that he studies in two very different parts of the world. Lipo discusses how he employs a range of tools and techniques that are more closely related to futuristic intelligence gathering than what we normally consider to be archaeological fieldwork. Join us as we talk about using archaeology to critically think and to build better worlds.  

What is Show Me Archaeology?

Henry Glassie, Professor of Folklore and ethnomusicology at Indiana University, wrote, “the old life was simple, we are told. Absurd. Life was anything but simple when people in small groups, interrupted by storms and epidemics and marching armies, managed to raise their own food, make their own clothing, and build their own shelter, while creating their own music, literature, art, science and philosophy” (Glassie 2000:48).

This podcast series, Show Me Archaeology, will explore some of the complexities in the lives of our ancestors around the world, within our own Country, and in the State of Missouri, through research conducted by archaeologists. We, at times, will face questions about our bodies, the ways the landscape and other non-human actors engage with us, and how actions and decisions made in the past influence our present and future. If nothing else, come learn how complicated the past has been, from day one!

We invite you to join us as we dig into exploring our world through the people, places, and ideas that have shaped our society.

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