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It was definitely some weekend for us.
Pat suffered the ignominy of his beloved Dundee United being relegated and Lesley braved Radio 1's Big Weekend in Camperdown Park.
The music event certainly led us down down some interesting rabbit holes about fame,fans,and faux rock stars.
The National also published an extract from Lesley's new book Thrive which tackles that old Scottish sporting trope of ,"It's the hope that kills you." and how it has permeated the Scot's psyche when it comes to running our own affairs, the fear of making mistakes, and the belief that somehow the fowk in charge ken best. Lesley also makes a plea for Humza Yousaf in particular and the SNP in general to embrace the campaigning efforts of Yes groups like the Chain Of Freedom.
 Chain of Freedom are currently putting together a  website - but have a Facebook group
And a great wee video explainer here

If you want to read Thrive  the first print run has almost sold out, so it'll be a week before there are more in But still 50 to go on

Lesley also took part in an Aye Write event with former Labour MSP Neil Findlay whose new book Hope and Despair which he describes as  "Lifting the lid on the murky world of Scottish politics " has just been published. Her reflections on this and the position of a Corbynite socialist in a Starmer Labour Party are well worth the listen.
All this plus the Viking head lump,honest it is a thing, in this week's episode.

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