In AI We Trust?

Renée Cummings is a pioneering AI ethicist, Criminologist, Columbia University Community Scholar, and Founder of Urban AI. Her studies focus on the impact of AI on criminal justice, specifically in communities of color and incarcerated populations. In this episode, you will be inspired by Renee's insights on the impact that AI and data science has on our civil rights, how increasing diversity in AI is fundamental to creating technology that reflects our humanity, and improvements that still need to be made in areas such as trust and accountability. ----- Subscribe to catch each new episode on Apple (, Spotify and all major platforms. To learn more about EqualAI, visit our website: and follow us on Twitter: @ai_equal and LinkedIn (

What is In AI We Trust??

In AI We Trust? is a new podcast with Miriam Vogel of EqualAI and Mark Caine of the World Economic Forum that surveys the global landscape for inspiration and lessons in developing responsible, trustworthy artificial intelligence. Each episode aims to answer a ‘big question' in ethical AI with prominent lawmakers, leading thinkers, and internationally renowned authors.