How Did We Get Here

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"The land is the chief and people are the servants."

Hawai'ian Islands Land Trust Chief Conversation Officer Dr. Scott Fisher talks resiliency, climate change, the lessons of ancestors on how to care for the land, and the crossroads of world history here in Hawai'i. We talk aloha 'aina--love of the land--and how practices of reciprocity, resiliency, and relationship to the land may sustain us.

Show Notes

Dr. Scott Fisher is the Chief Conservation Officer at the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust. Growing up on Maui, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, later focusing his graduate work on peace studies, with a concentration in native Hawaiian strategies of peacemaking and reconciliation, and the dynamics of post-conflict recovery in a civil war on the island of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. He explored how communities make wise decisions about conflicts over natural resources and continues that work today.

We talk building resiliency for climate change, the lessons of the ancestors, and the crossroads of world history here in Hawai'i--all from the Waihe'e Coastal Dunes and Wetlands Refuge on another wind storm day in the North Pacific.

Whether you're looking to visit the Hawai'ian Islands or wrestling with the health of our ecosystems and planet: Listen in to this aloha 'aina, this conversation on reciprocity and resiliency of land and people. It's a history, a lesson, an opportunity you won't soon forget.

*An Island Take: Maui Mauka Conservation Awareness training available*

Honorable Mentions
* The Great Mahele
* 'Ulu or breadfruit
* Getting involved with the Hawai'ian Islands Land Trust

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Glossary: Learn more about the kupuna, kuleana, mana, aloha 'aina, wai, waiwai, and malama and more. Check out a brief timeline of Hawai'i's History.

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