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John Ostler of Eight Bit Studios & Blake Puryear
Episode 4
UX Tools, UX Research & the History of Eight Bit Studios with John Ostler

Show Notes

Content Plus Commerce
Episode 4
Host: Blake Puryear
Guest: John Ostler
On this episode Blake is joined by Jon Ostler from Eight Bit Studios
[00:01:07] - Back ground of Eight Bit Studios
[00:03:15] - Dev work + Design, full service agency
[00:05:25] - Go to tools, collaboration software
[00:06:25] - Benefits to collaboration tools, creating good design systems
[00:08:09] - Common headaches when managing a site build and creative
solutions to get around obstacles
[00:11:32] - Eight Bit Studios shining moments
Quotes from the episode:
“It‘s like a holistic approach, by tearing down those barriers you’re gonna create and
end up with a better product.” [00:04:32]
“Do you have a subject matter expert that really understand the crux of the problems
that’s trying to be solved?” [00:12:14]
“We’ve got a lot of developers that are ready to challenge UX and design assumptions
right away.” [00:16:32]
Eight Bit Studios

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