Unsure? Insure!

We speak to With Jack customer, David, about his experience using the legal advice helpline to help him recover money he was owed from a client through small claims court. The information in this podcast is for general guidance and is not legal advice.

Show Notes

  • With Jack
  • Squidge Inc
  • Client not paying. What are the next steps to take?
  • The legal advice helpline is part of the legal expenses product. It's like having a law firm on retainer because you can call the helpline as often as you like to ask general legal questions relating to business matters
  • Due to the company winding down, David was having trouble getting paid
  • David wanted to explore the option of small claims court. The legal advice helpline guided him through everything from the potential cost to filling out the paperwork
  • David suggested writing down a list of questions you want to ask the helpline so that you can end the conversation knowing exactly what your next step should be
  • Because the helpline assisted David with the legal jargon involved around recovering debt, it showed his client that he was serious and knew what he was doing
  • David's client rejected the claim, but whilst in the midst of preparing all of the evidence he needed to pursue the payment with the help of the legal advice helpline he asked the client to resolve things amicably. They agreed
  • Client disputes aren’t always going to have the perfect outcome, but David was happy to compromise on an agreed rate so they could avoid small claims court
  • From his own experience and speaking to other freelancers, David thinks that the tipping point of having a client pay your invoice is showing them you're serious about going through small claims court
  • Document everything to show you've done the work, there was an agreement in place and there was a good relationship

What is Unsure? Insure!?

After so many years helping freelancers stay in business, I’m no stranger to the kinds of problems you face. But freelancing doesn’t mean having to face these problems alone. A lot of the time there is help available. I’d like to share these stories with you so you can be a confident freelancer.