The Social Housing Podcast

Like every Housing Association over the last 18 months...

Platform have been faced with some monumental challenges.

❌ Backlogs of repairs.

❌ Backlogs of voids.

During this podcast conversation, Lewis Murray is joined by Marc Mayall (Operations Director at Platform Property Care) to discuss Platform's road to recovery post-pandemic.

Discussing areas and topics like:

✅ How Platform are tackling their backlog of repairs/voids.

✅ How Platform developing their apprenticeship program and why Marc believes that will be one of the key's to that road to recovery.

✅ How Platform are gearing themselves up to provide a top-tier service for customers in a post-pandemic era.

What is The Social Housing Podcast?

The Social Housing Podcast will be a series of interviews with thought leaders in the Social Housing industry, providing them an exclusive platform to speak about topics important to them, while shaping the conversation around landlords and tenants.