Run Like a Woman

Achievement addiction is rife in our society, particularly among women, argues our guest – author, speaker and academic Justine Toh. So how do we recognise and break free from this obsession?

Show Notes

This is dedicated to 'pretty much every woman I know'.

So begins Justine Toh's recent mini-book Achievement Addiction. And Christian women are particularly susceptible to achievement addiction, says Justine.

"I think a lot of women see themselves as needing to kind of be a certain way in order to be a good Christian – being hospitable, being really gracious, being cheerful all the time," she tells Run Like a Woman co-hosts Penny Mulvey and Bec Abbott.

"It's terrible because that embeds a performance culture, where you are supposed to perform what it means to be a good Christian woman. And in the back of your head is the Proverbs 31 woman, who manages the household, is a leader in business and does all these other things as well."

So how do we spot the signs of achievement addiction in our own lives? And more importantly, how do we break free from this addiction to fully embrace grace – for ourselves, for our families and others around us?

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