Who's Piloting this Podcast?

Hams, Turkeys, Diapers and Formula! Get your matching sweatshirts out because we're watching the pilot of Supermarket Sweep

Show Notes

Join us for the 1990's revival of the 1965 gameshow Supermarket Sweep! 

Contestants answer dumb trivia questions in order to earn time for a shopping spree where they embody the sprit of American excess by buying five of the most expensive everything in the grocery store. Hams? Check! Turkeys? Check! Diapers? Check! Formula? Check! Tons and tons of aspirin? Why not!

Gretchen starts out the show a couple of sheets to the wind and finishes in hammer town, leading us through her general outrage and boisterous exuberance. James attempts to keep the train on the rails, but lets a few crashes happen here and there. At the end, we learn nothing, but have a decent time getting there.

Creators & Guests

Gretchen Barnes
James Barnes
Hapless fool with a microphone.

What is Who's Piloting this Podcast??

There was a time when audiences had no idea who Cliff and Norm were. Join Gretchen and James as they explore the first episodes of Television history.