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A common plank in ecosystem development is having a strong research-focused university churning out discoveries and intellectual property that can then be spinout our licensed into the private sector. In Austin, we have one such university with UT, but that movement of technology from academia to industry is not magic. Tech transfer organizations sit at the crux of this bridge trying to balance the needs of the university with the needs of their startup and corporate partners. Today we have Les Nichols, Director of the Office of Technology Commercialization or OTC at UT Austin to talk about how this is done, the challenges they face, and the role this function plays in our innovation ecosystem . Innovations from academia help drive…What’s next Austin?

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What is Austin Next?

Austin's transformation into a global innovation powerhouse is at the heart of Austin Next. We explore insights into the region's evolution and the building of robust ecosystems. Additionally, we delve into the potential impact of emerging trends, technologies, and their convergence.
Austin, as our real-world case study, helps us aspire to better comprehend the true nature of innovation.