Energetic Radio

Welcome to another episode of Energetic Radio. In this snippet episode, we're revisiting a conversation from episode 323 with the renowned storyteller and founder of the Resilience Project, Hugh Van Cuylenberg. In this episode, Hugh shares his insights on the impact of technology on creativity and empathy in both children and adults. He also discusses the app he developed, centred around gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness. Dale Sidebottom, our passionate host, engages with Hugh on the power of practising gratitude and mindfulness, with a special emphasis on the 10-minute meditation included in the app. Join us as we delve into the importance of emotional literacy, the role of gratitude in happiness, and the benefits of meditation for busy individuals. Tune in for an uplifting discussion on bringing positivity and purpose into our daily lives.

What is Energetic Radio?

Energetic Radio with Dale Sidebottom is a fantastic tool for people looking to bring fun play and happiness into each and every day. Listen along as Dale interviews world-renowned experts and shares his own experiences with you in this weekly podcast.