Cool Breeze Over the Mountains: A Keanu Reeves Podcast

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On this episode with guest Lindsey Nelsen, we RUN THE GAMUT of topics, often times not actually sticking to the point, but that's why you're here, isn't it?

Show Notes

Why do we mention NPR, Ilana Glazer, and drag queens on this episode? You'll have to listen! Topics covered also include: why Whitney decided to grow food over this summer, what the most sustainable and cost-effective source of meat would be in the apocalypse, and we learn that Charles doesn't even understand the concept of temperature.

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What is Cool Breeze Over the Mountains: A Keanu Reeves Podcast?

Each week on Cool Breeze Over the Mountains your hosts watch and discuss the intricacies of (almost) every film in the Keanu Reeves catalog, starting with his film debut in 1985 and moving to present day.