Dear Asian Americans

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Meet Jessica Chen, Founder & CEO of Soulcast Media and an Emmy Award winning journalist. Tune in to learn about how she found her love of storytelling and communication, what prompted her to leave broadcast journalism and start her own communications firm, and how she ended up as a featured expert on LinkedIn Learning.

Show Notes

Meet Jessica Chen!

We celebrate Jessica's success in starting her own communications firm, winning an Emmy during her time in broadcast journalism, and living her mission of helping others communicate better at work and beyond.

We support her work in coaching her clients as well as sharing her knowledge with the LinkedIn community.

We are inspired by her working hard to overcome shyness and developing confidence and communication skills to be great in her role.


About Jessica
Jessica Chen is CEO of Soulcast Media, the world's first Communications Relations Agency, where she provides high-touch strategies to elevate people's speaking and authority.

She has been awarded an Emmy-Award for her work at ABC 10News and multiple Associated Press Awards.


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What is Dear Asian Americans?

Dear Asian Americans,
Let's Celebrate. Let's Support. Let's Inspire each other.
Your Fellow Asian Americans