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Contemplating about taking the action most often ends up in not taking the action at all. Instead of overthinking, take action, now! We all lack motivation sometimes, but accept the responsibility — go to the gym, go for a run, go for a walk, start a podcast, whatever, but do it now! You will feel better and you’ll thank yourself later. Actually, just drop down and do 10 pushups right now.
In this episode, we continue our talk on the transfer portal, the College Football Playoffs, NIL subscriptions, mental health, motivation, and the ever-changing landscape of college football.
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Other topics from the episode, “Just Drop Down and Do 10 Pushups Right Now”:
Weather impact on athletes | Thurman Thomas | Mental edge | NIL subscription | A small percentage of college athletes end up in the NFL | The Foundation | Jeremiah Smith | Transfer Portal | Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins | Never Finished by David Goggins | Motivation | The quiet guy is the most dangerous guy
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  • Nate played for the Buckeyes mostly under Coach Jim Tressel between 2007-2011. | IG
  • Eric is the founder of KazSource, Inc, and the creator of this platform, SE+ | Twitter
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What is Buckeye Focused?

Welcome to Buckeye Focused! The newest Buckeye podcast. This one features Buckeye, Nate Oliver! And we talk more than just football. But while football and some buckeyes brought us together...this podcast and these conversations run deep. Buckeye Focused is presented and produced by SportsEpreneur. Part of the KazSource Podcast Network.

It's Buckeye season. We have to talk about it!

This is season one of the Buckeye Focused podcast.


Nate Oliver - played for the Buckeyes mostly under Coach Jim Tressel between 2007-2011. Nate is a recent Director of Keith B. Key Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program at The Ohio State University.

Eric Kasimov - the founder of KazSource, Inc, a dynamic company managing a portfolio of brands and projects in the areas of content, podcasting, production, sports, mental health, insurance, and ventures. This includes the producer of this podcast and the digital media sports brand, SportsE+.

This podcast is not here to replace other great Buckeye podcasts like Buckeye Talk by Cleveland dot com, Menace2Sports with Zach Smith, Morning Five by Bucknuts, Letterman Live, and the many other excellent Buckeye-related podcasts. This Buckeye Focused podcast exists to allow a Buckeye like you to listen in to a conversation featuring a former Buckeye and his host talking football -- but these conversations go much deeper. Topics covered include buckeye stories, lessons learned on and off the field, stories of failure and success, insights as to what is going on around the program, game previews, game recaps, player insights, mental health, and topics in and around the world of college football like the college football playoff, games around the country, the Big Ten, NIL, and of course players, fans, and media popping off on social media trying to get those clicks. We call it out. Buckeye Focused.

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