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Contemplating about taking the action most often ends up in not taking the action at all. Instead of overthinking, take action, now! We all lack motivation sometimes, but accept the responsibility — go to the gym, go for a run, go for a walk, start a podcast, whatever, but do it now! You will feel better and you’ll thank yourself later. Actually, just drop down and do 10 pushups right now.
In this episode, we continue our talk on the transfer portal, the College Football Playoffs, NIL subscriptions, mental health, motivation, and the ever-changing landscape of college football.
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Weather impact on athletes | Thurman Thomas | Mental edge | NIL subscription | A small percentage of college athletes end up in the NFL | The Foundation | Jeremiah Smith | Transfer Portal | Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins | Never Finished by David Goggins | Motivation | The quiet guy is the most dangerous guy
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What is BuckeyE Focused?

Welcome to "BuckeyE Focused." This isn't just another Ohio State football podcast. Sure, we love the game, but we're here to talk about so much more than that.

"BuckeyE Focused" is all about the big "BE" – being focused on and off the field. It's about how we, as Buckeyes, come together and share our stories, challenges, and victories. Whether it's about the latest game, hitting your fitness goals, or just chatting about life's ups and downs, we've got you covered.

We started this podcast because we know that being a Buckeye is more than just cheering on game day. It's about making connections, growing together, and enjoying the ride, no matter where we're headed. From talking about the team and what's happening in college sports, to sharing personal stories of success and struggle, we're here to talk about it all.

So, whether you're into the nitty-gritty of football, looking for some inspiration, or just want to hear what other Buckeyes are up to, tune in. We'll be chatting with former players, experts, and fans who love Ohio State as much as you do. And we're all about keeping it real, having fun, and staying focused on what matters.

Join us at "BuckeyE Focused" for your dose of everything Buckeye - where being focused means more than just the game. It's about living the being life every single day.

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