Bourbon with Beagle

Judge Kemp caught the attention of a major online publication when he released an essay about not returning his Eagle Scout pin amid controversy within the organization. Having grown up a black, gay kid in the 1960’s South, the grit, sacrifice and survival skills that Eagle Pin represented went far beyond being an excellent Scout. It’s that nuanced perspective and fearless approach that has guided this published writer, blogger, professional entertainer, policy maker, and community leader through the colorful arc of his life and career. Join us for the next episode of Bourbon with Beagle as we discuss defying gravity and never letting the numbers slow you down.

What is Bourbon with Beagle?

Join Gary Beagle, Senior Executive Trust Officer, President & CEO of InTRUSTment Northwest, as he invites special guests to explore all aspects of aging. From financial topics such as estate planning, wills, and trusts, to tackling how children can discuss aging with their parents and help with difficult decisions as they age. It’s not all serious though, Gary and guests also talk about the humorous side of life and aging.