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Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn
Sheltering In Place - Episode 25 -
The heat, the fires, the earthquakes, the fascism - 2020 sucks

Show Notes

Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn
Sheltering In Place - Episode 25 -
The heat, the fires, the earthquakes, the fascism - 2020 sucks

12:01 PM Ramones "California Sun" from Leave Home on Sire

12:03 PM Eyes "Disneyland" from Dangerhouse Volume 1 on Frontier1979

12:05 PM MX-80 Sound "Crushed Ice" from Hard Attack on Superior Viaduct1977

12:09 PM Velvet Underground "White Light/White Heat" from White Light/White Heat on Verve

12:12 PM Martha and the Vandellas "Heatwave" from Heatwave on Motown

12:16 PM Breakers "I Ain't Dead Yet" from The Essential Pebbles Collection on AIP1965

12:17 PM The Mummies "Stronger Than Dirt" from Death By Unga Bunga!! on Estrus

12:20 PM The Splash Four "Earthquake Shake" from Do The Earthquake Shake! on 1+2 Records

12:22 PM Quintron & Miss Pussycat "Buc-ee's Got a Problem" from Goblin Alert on Goner Records

12:25 PM KXSF UW "Rainbow Grocery Cooperative"

12:27 PM Brandy "Dangle" from The Gift Of Repetition on Total Punk

12:30 PM Hyperspace "The Ghost of Carrie Fisher" from Emulator on Hyperspace

12:32 PM Martin Savage and The Jiggerz "Time to Get Out" from Time to Get Out - Single on Folc Records

12:35 PM C.C.'s Feces "Ring Ring" from Bi - Polair on Spinnup

12:37 PM Suzi Quatro "Can The Can" from Suzi Quatro on Chrysalis Records

12:40 PM Girl Friday "Earthquake" from Androgynous Mary on Hardly Art

12:46 PM Powerslut "Nostalgia" from Fun with Junk on Powerslut

12:51 PM All My Friends and Me "Nasty" from First Time on s/r

12:53 PM Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby "Vote That F​*​*​ker Out (radio edit)" from Vote That F​*​*​ker Out (radio edit) on s/r

12:55 PM Red Lights "Jungle Book" from Red Lights - EP on In The Red

12:57 PM CB Radio Gorgeous "The Devil" from CB Radio Gorgeous - EP on Thrilling Living Records

1:01 PM KXSF UW "Lark In the Morning"

1:02 PM Green/Blue "Police Street" from Green/Blue on Slovenly Recordings

1:05 PM Rat Cage "Charge Them with Murder" from Screams from the Cage on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos

1:07 PM Buck Biloxi and The Fucks "Put You In The Gulag" from Put You In The Gulag on Goodbye Boozy

1:09 PM CB Radio "Tension" from There's Gotta Be Hope, Right? A Charity Compilation on Billiam

1:11 PM KNOWSO "Peaceful & Extinct" from Specialtronics Green Vision on Drunken Sailor

1:14 PM Home Counties "Redevelopment" from Redevelopment - Single on Alcopop! Records

1:17 PM Gino and The Goons "Wrote You A Letter" from Off The Rails on Big Neck Records

1:19 PM Gee Tee "Dudes In The Valley" from Atomic on Goodbye Boozy

1:24 PM Kool and The Gang Bangers "Worst Thing" from Feel Bad Music on s/r

1:25 PM Barcelona "Salvajes" from Residuos Del Ultrasonido on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos

1:27 PM Tuffragettes "Rebel Girl" from Rebel Girl on Lavasocks Records

1:29 PM The Resineators "Breakup Song" from The Resineators on Past it Records

1:31 PM The Speedways "Had Enough This Time" from Radio Sounds on Snap!! Records / Hurrah! Musica / Alien Snatch! Records / Beluga Records

1:34 PM Big Joanie "It's You" from Cranes in the Sky - Single on Third Man Records

1:36 PM The Archaeas "Trapped" from The Archaeas on Goner

1:42 PM Eyes and Flys "Everyday Life" from Everyday Life on s/r

1:44 PM Initiates "Voidless" from Esoteric Pop on PNKSLM Recordings

1:48 PM Itchy Kitty "Dark Entries" from Under the Covers on s/r

1:52 PM The Cool Greenhouse "Trojan Horse" from The Cool Greenhouse on Melodic Records

1:57 PM Shoes "Capital Gain" from Black Vinyl Shoes on Black Vinyl Records

2:00 PM Superchunk "Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing" from Good Music To Avert The Collapse Of American Democracy on Good Musicbenefit for Fair Fight

2:04 PM KXSF UW "Exploring Music"

2:05 PM Germ House "No One Is Listening" from Spoiled Legacy on self-released

2:08 PM Just Head "Bicycle Seat" from demo on s/r

2:10 PM Snot Puppies "TV Tantrum" from TV Tantrum on No Matrix Records1978

2:12 PM The Zits "Opera Show" from Back In Blackhead on Feel It Records1981

2:16 PM Names "Et Tu" from Et Tu & the Warning - EP on Misanthropic Agenda

2:20 PM Disco Junk "I'm No Good With Numbers but I Know Which Tram I'm On" from split with Collective Hardcore on Goodbye Boozy

2:25 PM All Hits "Men and Their Work" from Men and Their Work on Iron Lung Records

2:27 PM Tumbas "Alter Ego" from Dolor on Symphony Of Destruction

2:30 PM Cold Feet "Not Again" from Punk Entity on Feel It Records

2:31 PM Becky & The Politicians "Surfaces Wait" from Becky & The Politicians' Own Thing on Kennel Jitters Recordings

2:32 PM Kong Kong "Kong Unleashed" from Raw and Primitive - EP on Gorilla City Records

2:34 PM Little Richard "Jenny, Jenny" from Here's Little Richard on Specialty

2:36 PM The Owen Guns "The Ballad of Cheeto Hitler" from Violating Community Standards - EP on Riot Records

2:40 PM Cherry Pickles "BlackHole" from The Juice That's Worth the Squeeze on PNKSLM Recordings

2:42 PM The Lemon Drop Gang "Georgie" from Georgie on Rum Bar Records

2:46 PM Coachwhips "Devil Uptown" from Devil Uptown on Girlsvilleunreleased outtake from the recordings for the album "Hands on the Controls"

2:48 PM BSCBR "Sweet Leaf" from Master of Rehearsal - Single on Famous Class

2:54 PM Billiam "I Need A Robot" from Cassingle Eight on Billiam

2:54 PM Alien Nosejob "Airborne Toxic Event" from Once Again the Present Becomes the Past on Iron Lung Records

2:58 PM The Cars "Don't Cha Stop" from The Cars on Elektra Records

What is Carolyn?

Archive of Carolyn's Tuesday KXSF 102.5fm San Francisco Community Radio show. Show airs live noon to 3pm PST every Tuesday.