SequelQuest Podcast

GM Jason and Commissioner Mickey give their verdict of the two wrestling movie pitches from SequelQuest EP 123 and declare who wins the TRN trios tag team championship belts.

Show Notes

In case you missed it, listen to SequelQuest EP 123 so you can hear the actual movie pitches of No Holds Barred from The House Show and Ready to Rumble by SequelQuest. Jason and Mickey (General Manager and Commissioner of The Retro Network respectively) were appointed to choose the winning pitch and in this special bonus podcast, we give our final verdict and award the TRN trios tag team championship belts.

What is SequelQuest Podcast?

A podcast dedicated to exploring the unexplored possibilities hidden within our favorite film franchises. Also dabbling in movie reviews & geeking out over the current state of movies!

Our hosts Adam, Jeff, & Jeramy go on daring exploration into the realms unexplored to cook up additional installments to fan favorite movies, cult classics, and those that will never see the light of day. Every main SequelQuest episode our hosts & guests each conceive a plot for a sequel, prequel, or reboot to a movie that they feel is worthy of revisiting the world portrayed on film. They vote on the best pitch & expand upon it discussing everything from casting & directing, the poster art and the soundtrack, & on down to the promotional tie-ins and marketing campaigns.