Man Made: Good Guys Who Drink and Cuss a Little

In this episode we are going to look at a fundamental disagreement of faith. Jeff is representing team Atheism and Greg is representing team Christianity. Let’s take a look at how we can start to have a meaningful conversation.

What is Man Made: Good Guys Who Drink and Cuss a Little?

Men often seek support from various institutions and organizations, like religion, academia, and family counseling. Ironically, their desire to be “good” men draw them into systems and structures which ultimately left them feeling “not good enough”.
Common is the man who wants to enjoy certain aspects of life: joking, cussing, having hot sex with his super-hot SO, drinks on Friday, and golf on Sunday. However, we’ve witnessed these men feeling robbed of the peace and joy they sought in those endeavors because they feel they were at odds with what they’d been taught concerning the good and right aspects of living.
Together, this podcast aims to explore the nuances of what shapes us and work to begin taking charge of becoming Man Made.