Debts No Honest Man Can Pay

On this week's show, we...
  • Spin fresh tracks from Bright Eyes, Mavis Staples &
  • Spend quality time with new records from The Decemberists, The Whisley Charmers & Goat Girl
  • Listent to multiple versions of a 1982 new wave classic.  
All this & much, much less!

Debts No Honest Man Can Pay started in 2003 at WHFR-FM (Dearborn, MI), moved to WGWG-FM (Boiling Springs, NC) in 2006 & Plaza Midwood Community Radio (Charlotte, NC) in 2012, with a brief pit-stop at WLFM-FM (Appleton, WI) in 2004.

What is Debts No Honest Man Can Pay?

Hey everybody! My name’s Greenberg and this is my podcast. It started as a radio show in 2003. In 2020, it phoenixed into a podcast, thanks to our friends at NRM Streamcast.

If truth be told, the podcast is pretty much a glorified radio show. We play a lot of eclectic music (rest assured, we pay our yearly BMI/ASCAP fees), talk way too much about it, and sometimes invite other folks to talk with us about music & other things.

We’re equally excited about music’s past, present and future, and we hope you are too.