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John Hairston kicks off our special recruiting video series with his best pitch for public power; plus Humaira Falkenberg delivers a message of hope, change and inclusion in her opening monologue.

Show Notes

John Hairston, CEO and Administrator of the Bonneville Power Administration, joins Humaira Falkenberg, Brian Fawcett, and Paul Dockery on Public Power Underground to participate in our Electric Utility Recruiting video series.

Before John’s recruiting pitch, Humaira Falkenberg opens with a message of change, a message of hope, and a message of inclusion in her cold open as the episodes celebrity guest host.

Electric Utility Recruiting video series
Attracting a new workforce into electric utility professions is going to be one of the key challenges of the next 20 years, and electric utility enthusiasts need to build up recruiting skills to meet the challenge. So Public Power Underground took the opportunity, while it was recording on location at the opening reception for NWPPA’s Annual Meeting in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to pull aside executives from across the region and quiz them on their best recruiting pitches to attract new folks to electric utility professions. 
We were honored to be joined by John Hairston, Mark Johnson, Sarah Giomi, Scott Corwin, Scott Simms, Scott Coe, Scott Rhees, Sarah Edmonds, Marc Farmer, Crystal Ball, and Bear Prairie. The interviews will be released individually over the coming weeks as special, bonus episodes. 

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What is Public Power Underground?

Public Power Underground is Northwest Public Power's premiere info-tainment weekly news series written, edited, and published by the Power Department. On our weekly shows, we cover northwest public-power and public-power-adjacent news.

The series originated as a pandemic diversion when physical distancing policies caused the Power Department to transition to remote work and zoom department meetings. It evolved to a platform to talk to peers across the region on topics affecting consumer-owned electric utilities in the Northwest.