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 If you’re an industrial or an investor exploring the Carbon Capture space, listen in to this conversation with Erica Nemser, CEO of Compact Membrane System, and Alex Cameron, CEO of Decarb Connect. You’ll hear about the growing ecosystem, types of point source carbon capture technology – and also will get the inside story on how CMS is scaling its solution and business. 
Erica brings a background as an economist and a former McKinsey leader to her leadership of CMS and has scaled the company from a research lab to a commercially-driven, profitable, and market-making company. 
You’ll explore the ecosystem of technologies and where CMS’s membrane solution sits. We also explore key demonstration projects with Voestalpine and RHI Magnesita, including a look at how different streams of CO2 impact the choice of technology and partner. 

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What is Decarb Connect?

Examining the strategies and deployments around decarbonisation in hard to abate sectors, we speak with CEOs, heads of corporate strategy, CTOs, Innovation/R&D, project directors & heads of carbon management from around the world. Hosted by Alex Cameron of the Decarbonization Leaders Network and Decarb Connect & produced by Janno Media.