Leadership Lessons From The Great Books

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card w/Christen B. Horne 
  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Graff and Ender - A Meeting of the Minds
  • The Literary Life of Orson Scott Card
  • The Mormon Basis of Ender's Game
  • On Being Canceled by the Culture
  • Social Justice and the World of Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • Why Read Ender's Game if You're in the Marine Corps?
  • Christen Horne's Opera Background
  • Cannon Fodder vs. Volunteers
  • On Killing People and Breaking Things
  • The Launch and Null Gravity
  • They Don't Have to Like You to Work with You
  • Leading People Leveraging Negative Character Traits
  • Performance, Direction, Ego, and Emotions
  • Identity and Politics in the Theatre
  • Rat Army, "Rose the Nose" Rosen and Dink Meeker
  • Leading While Not Falling Into the "Fairness" Trap
  • You Can't Build a Maserati with Toyota Parts
  • Leaders Make and Enforce Clear Rules
  • What is Fair and What is Nice are Often Mutually Exclusive
  • Locke and Demosthenes
  • Valentine, Peter, and the Dark Triad of Leadership
  • Nature versus Nurturer is a False Dichotomy
  • Staying on the Path with Ender's Game
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What is Leadership Lessons From The Great Books?

Because understanding great literature is better than trying to read and understand (yet) another business book, Leadership Lessons From The Great Books leverages insights from the GREAT BOOKS of the Western canon to explain, dissect, and analyze leadership best practices for the post-modern leader.