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Bria Sterling-Wilson is a photographer and collage artist from Baltimore, Maryland and is profound in expressing the beauty and complexities of the African American community.

Show Notes

Bria Sterling-Wilson is in conversation with Rob Lee on The Truth In This Art.

Through the utilization of magazine clippings, newspaper, and fabric I am recontextualizing found materials to confront how the African American man and woman is represented and perceived in society. In these works, I present individuals juxtaposed with contrasting hair, facial features, body parts, environments, and clothing. My collages ascribe to the multifaceted African diaspora by visually depicting cultural appropriation, race, police brutality, stereotypes, identity, and the idealized standards of beauty placed upon women of color. The act of cutting and manipulating allows me to have control to tell our story by expressing the oppressive nature and historical narratives associated with the black community. The representation of individuals of color has been polluted for centuries with discriminatory imagery. I challenge those reactionary views and ideals with my contemporary collages. The black experience is permeated with unparalleled allure, struggle, solidarity, and culture which I explore through my creative practice.

Truth in this Art is a storytelling series hosted by cultural curator Rob Lee. Truth In This Art documents the vibrancy and development of arts and culture.

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