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Coach Kathy Kemper is the CEO and Founder of the Institute for Education and a Co-founder of Computer Science at the University of Southern California’s coding camp. In today’s episode, join host Anthony Shop and Coach Kemper as they delve into diplomacy, innovation, and global engagement. She shares her extraordinary journey from a professional tennis player to a prominent figure in Washington's political and tech leadership circles. 

Learn about Coach Kemper's innovative strategies to foster global engagement through the lenses of soft diplomacy, data, and innovation. Discover how she creates meaningful relationships across diverse backgrounds, emphasizing trust, transparency, and human connection as the cornerstone of her methods. 

Coach Kemper's journey illustrates the power of unconventional paths in shaping global leaders. Through her tireless efforts, Coach Kemper has earned accolades such as being recognized as one of Washington Life Magazine's "Tech 25", highlighting her profound impact on the technology landscape. 

  • Integrating humor into interactions can create a relaxed environment, fostering comfortable communication and relationship-building. Authentic interactions and lightheartedness can significantly boost rapport among team members and stakeholders. 
  • Integrate a mix of expertise and perspectives in any team or event. By combining different professional backgrounds, more innovative and comprehensive solutions can be generated.
  • As a coach, Kemper's main goal was to help others get better. Focusing on team members' continuous personal and professional growth. The satisfaction derived from improvement boosts morale and productivity.
  • Rather than static interactions, Kemper advocates for dynamic activities for team-building. Active engagement can foster better connections and team unity, whether it's a casual walk or a hands-on task.
  • Acknowledging and rewarding achievements can allow individuals to excel further in their fields.
  • Promoting continuous learning and upskilling can empower employees to grow and adapt to new challenges and technologies.
  • Rejection is a part of every journey. Coach Kemper emphasizes the importance of understanding that a 'no' provides more information and should not deter one from pursuing their goals. Resilience and tenacity are vital characteristics for leaders and their teams.

Quote of the Show:
  • “A coach has to learn how to get the best out of their students. Everybody loves getting better at something.” - Coach Kemper


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Anthony Shop
Anthony Shop believes in the power of people-centered branding and marketing to create a bright future. He chairs the National Digital Roundtable, the premier convener of digital innovators, leaders and policy shapers. Anthony also is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Social Driver, a digital services firm that helps companies and non-profits establish winning strategies with social media, websites, creative, and advertising. An enthusiastic presenter and teacher, he has led executive-level training for Amazon, PepsiCo, NASA, The British Embassy and the Bipartisan Policy Center. He has been recognized as an “OUTstanding LGBT Role Model” by The Financial Times, “40 Under 40” by The Washington Business Journal, and Business Leader of the Year by the DC Chamber of Commerce. A former newspaper reporter, Anthony was the first new media professional elected to the National Press Club’s Board of Governors. He currently serves on the boards of Leadership Greater Washington and LearnServe International. He earned his MBA from The George Washington University School of Business, where he teaches as an adjunct lecturer.
Robert Krueger
Robert is an Executive Director for The Communications Board, an organization with the mission of providing high-quality professional development for every communicator in every location. He is also the Global Lead for Partnership Communications at Gensler, the world’s largest architecture and design firm. Prior to his current role, he performed executive and CEO communications for Gensler, and was the senior director of public relations and social media at the Urban Land Institute. He obtained an MA in Communications and an MA in History from George Mason University. He did his undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia. In addition, Robert has taught communications at universities including George Mason University, West Virginia University, and the University of Florida. Robert currently serves as Immediate-Past President for the Public Relations Society of America’s National Capital Chapter (PRSA-NCC) -- the nonprofit’s largest chapter.

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