It's Not About Food Podcast with Laurelee Roark

Inhabit means to live our bodies, not in our heads. When we learn to be present in our bodies, to move out of the obsessive thinking and into our feelings, we can learn to identify and meet our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. First, we must be aware that we are in the obsession, in the thinking, in the head. Then we can use our breath to bring our awareness to our body and explore what we are experiencing in our bodies. 

Constance Hart is the Founder of Conscious Colors and Color Aroma, a multi-sensory experience of Color Therapy. She has been helping women for over 30 years as a wellness mentor, meditation guide, and Color Therapist. Constance’s greatest joy is to provide life support through light support. She also provides intuitive readings and guidance. Visit her at
Constance Hart
Conscious Colors • Color Aroma
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What is It's Not About Food Podcast with Laurelee Roark?

It's Not About Food podcast is about learning how to love and accept the body you have, re-learn how to eat intuitively and to know how to take care of your emotions.