Blake Stoddard on Basecamp's Ops team talks about saving over a half-million dollars on cloud services.

Show Notes

Basecamp has cut back its reliance on Amazon and Google, but there's one area where it's tough to find alternatives to Big Tech: cloud services. Even so, there are ways to cut spending on this $3 million annual expense while keeping the company's apps running smoothly. In this episode, Blake Stoddard on Basecamp's Ops team talks about how he volunteered to look for savings on cloud services and really delivered—to the tune of over a half-million dollars.

Show Notes

Blake Stoddard on Twitter - 1:27

AWS Lambda - 4:45

The Reddit hug of death is also known as the Slashdot effect - 4:55

Maybe Roxane Gay can save us from our cord-cutting dystopia - 15:49

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