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75% of employees consider their direct manager to be the “worst part of their job," and the majority of employees who leave cite their manager as the reason why. Listen to Angela Ferrante describe a B2B business idea that helps managers get better.

Show Notes

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  • It’s easier to pivot after starting than to get started, so just start.
  • Management tip: to avoid over or under managing, work with your direct report to get started and then let them drive their own ship.
  • Move fast and don’t look back: things that you think are important early on will seem trivial later so don’t sweat.
  • Being a great curator of content can be just as valuable as creating content, especially in an increasingly noisy information space.

Action Steps:

  1. Start with a very minimal module (1 week) of management training
  2. Incorporate this into blog or newsletter as content for readers to apply
  3. Consult a lawyer to check whether it’s ok to share curated ideas in a paid newsletter
  4. Target middle-level companies of 50 employees or less to begin


Angela Ferrante is the founder and CEO of Laudable, a startup making it easier (and more affordable) to create video content by doing it all remotely. Laudable is out to kill the boring B2B marketing archetype (cough, the PDF case study) and bring human stories to life through video. Angela was previously the founding CMO at Sparkfund, a venture-backed energy technology company. Before Sparkfund, she started the alternative energy group at a Boston-based insurance company.

What is Run With It?

Need a business idea? Run With It shares unused business ideas from successful entrepreneurs, including the exact steps they would take to launch them. If you're looking for a ready-made business idea, proven founders are sharing them every week on Run With It.