Ashen Snow

The party convenes in Seven Arches, united by the enigma of the Missing Moment—an elusive mark and forgotten memories that erode trust. Amidst the labyrinthine streets, doubt casts shadows on potential allies, and they embark on a quest for answers, dividing to gather crucial intel. An enigmatic arch stands as a threshold, tempting them to conduct a daring experiment in hopes of unraveling their past. However, hidden agendas and conflicting views strain their unity, threatening to shatter fragile trust. As they navigate the treacherous path, uncertain if the arch will guide them or lead them astray, they confront doubt, confront shifting allegiances, and seek true allies in this inaugural quest into the unknown.

Aubrey Knotts, @MadQueenCosplay everywhere on the internet playing Freya Abernathy half-elf magus.
Archedas, @Archedas2, ugtarchedas on Instagram / tiktok playing Varren - Human Amnesiac Thaumaturge
Misfit, @Misfit_Playland across all socials playing Mia Kitsune Oracle
Christopher Rondeau, @skaldstale across socials playing Vin Tien, the Dark Champion
Pete from Rise of the Rulelords as the Storyteller

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Music by Tabletop Audio

Tracks Used:
Barovian Castle
Solemn Vow
Country Village
Sun Dappled Trail
Wizard's Tower

Original Compositions from Harry Scannell

Vivet's Theme
WA Transition

What is Ashen Snow?

Join Vin, Varren, Mia, and Freya on an extraordinary journey through the mysterious Missing Moment in the captivating Pathfinder 2e adventure path "Gatewalkers." Get ready for thrilling encounters, epic quests, and unimaginable discoveries. Don't miss a single moment of this thrilling show!