The Greater Manchester Cancer Podcast

In the first of a new monthly series looking at cancer in the news, host Steve Bland and Professor Matt Evison, the Associate Medical Director at GM Cancer, cast their eyes over the stories making the headlines in the first two months of 2024.

And it's been a busy one, with the news of the King's diagnosis, Olympian Chris Foy reluctantly revealing he had been receiving treatment, the death of tv chef Dave Myers, and groundbreaking research projects including a new national BRCA gene testing programme and a new bowel cancer screening programme for people with Lynch Syndrome.

Steve and Matt discuss the impact of celebrities going public with a diagnosis as well as the challenges in keeping the awareness message going.

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Bowel Cancer Screening in England is in the process of expanding to eventually be available to everyone over 50.
BRCA screening programme: J-BRCA ( 

What is The Greater Manchester Cancer Podcast?

Across cancer services in Greater Manchester, amazing work is happening every day. Frontline staff, managers, clinical leaders and people affected by cancer work together with the simple focus of making sure that every person throughout Greater Manchester is able to access a world class cancer service.

This podcast is all about sharing some of the work going on with the wider Greater Manchester Cancer workforce – that’s thousands of people across all areas of Greater Manchester, working in many different roles - and giving some of the fantastic people who do that work the opportunity to share their experiences with everyone.

In each episode, presenter Steve Bland (from the BBC podcast You, Me and the Big C) will focus on a different topic and talk to some amazing guests so if there's anyone you'd like to hear from or a topic you want to see covered, please get in touch.

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