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Interview with Elitza Theel, Ph.D. and Justin Kreuter, M.D.
This episode will discuss the deadliest creature in the world. Surprisingly enough, it's also one of the smallest creatures in the world, better known as the mosquito. Discover why they bite, what types of infections they can cause, how these illnesses are diagnosed and treated, along with a few other interesting facts along the way.

Show Notes

Time Stamps

00:00 Podcast Intro

00:48 Introduction of Elitza Theel, Ph.D.  

1:03 What is the deadliest creature in the world?

2:30 How many types of mosquitoes are there?

3:50 Why do mosquitoes bite us?

4:54 What types of infections do they cause?

6:33 What advice do you give students and learners regarding this topic? 

7:37 How does somebody make the diagnosis?

7:54 How can you use lab testing to keep on the right track?

10:49 What are some of the frequent calls received as a Laboratory Director?

13:26  Are these mosquito borne diseases treatable?

13:53 Where do you figure out the species?

14:59 What about treatment for mosquito borne viruses?

15:17 What about vaccines for mosquito born viruses?

16:27 What do you see as the future trends in the world of mosquito borne disease?

18:13 What are your recommendations for protecting against mosquitoes? 

19:33 Fun fact on how spreading infections may occur 

21:31 Outro

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What is Lab Medicine Rounds?

A Mayo Clinic curated podcast for physicians, laboratory professionals, and students; hosted by Dr. Justin Kreuter (the Bow Tie Bandit of Blood) and featuring trending topics from subject-matter experts.