Grey Matter: A Podcast About Ideas

For co-founders and longtime friends, Karen Rabinovitz and Sara Schiller, the idea of creating a place for play was always at the tip of their fingers. Together, they found joy and healing during difficult times in an unexpected way – by playing with SLIME.
They partnered with artists, architects, and advocates to bring the concept of a sensory playground to the world through The Sloomoo Institute. Based in SoHo in New York City, with locations in Chicago and Atlanta, this unique space is committed to neurodiversity, mental health, and of course, fun.
On this episode, you will hear Karen and Sara tell their story of building The Sloomoo Institute and how they found their happy place in the magic of slime.
Grey Interviewer: Joey Scarillo

Creators & Guests

Jason Kahner
Joey Scarillo
Samantha Geller

What is Grey Matter: A Podcast About Ideas?

Grey Matter: A Podcast About Ideas is for people who love talking about creativity and exploring, simply, where the best ideas in the world come from and how dreams become reality.

Host Jason Kahner, Grey Global Chief Client Officer, is joined by agency colleagues in discussions about the challenges that sparked innovative and effective solutions. Hear first-hand stories from the founders, creators, and inventors who are shaping the world.