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Meet Jared Chung, Founder & Executive Director of, an online Q&A platform that provides students and young professionals answers and guidance about their career and life questions. It is made possible by the generosity of volunteers and donors who have taken time and energy over the past 9 years to answer more than 4.5 Million questions on CareerVillage. Hear our conversation to learn of Jared's bi-coastal childhood, how he found his way to NYU Stern, what he learned at McKinsey and TEDxCambridge, and why he is so passionate about helping students.

Show Notes

Meet Jared Chung!

We celebrate Jared's hard work and achievements, particularly founding CareerVillage and the more than 4.5 million questions that have been answered for students by countless volunteers.

We support Jared and his team as they grow and manage particularly during these challenging time when students and young professionals are more anxious than ever about their careers.

We are inspired by his dedication to helping students, leveraging all his experience, lessons, and privilege to put towards an evergreen mission he is proud to dedicate his life to.


Jared Chung is the Executive Director and Founder of, the tech nonprofit providing personalized career advice to 3.5M online learners in 190 of the world's 195 countries.'s crowdsourcing model has allowed it to provide career advice in a Q&A format with the help of 35,000 volunteers from all walks of life, including the world's most successful and innovative companies. For young people in low income communities, young women pursuing futures in STEM, young people of color, and others who are underrepresented in their dream career field, is the first stop for any career decision, big or small. Jared was inspired by his own career prep struggle as a young person to create together with his wife, Stanford Professor Jennifer Pan. Prior to founding, Jared was a consultant at McKinsey & Co.


Meet Jared:

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Dear Asian Americans,
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