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Words flow from us at an alarming rate, but be not afraid; we are the harbingers of semi-literate PC hardware and software discussion. Also, burgers.

In this episode, we discuss the VERY EXCITING Intel 14th Gen launch, look at a very fancy Falcon Northwest Talon desktop equipped with one of these processors, and eventually talk about AMD un-launching Anti-Lag+ after it caused some mildly inconvenient bans from popular games when using the feature. There's even a very exciting back and forth on programmable remotes during the SofaBaton pick!  

The rest of the topics can be found in the time stamps below.  

Recorded October 18, 2023.


00:00 Intro
01:33 Burger of the Week
02:55 Intel 14th Gen launch (and a new Talon desktop)
18:01 MSI brings the heat - 115 C to be precise
20:24 AMD removes Anti-Lag+ from drivers amid issues
24:34 Microsoft backs off on OneDrive gallery storage
27:49 Windows 11 now active on close to half a billion devices
31:47 Fanatec Clubsport DD
36:03 Security Corner
43:18 Gaming Quick Hits
47:48 Drop + xDuoo TA-84
57:13 Total War Pharoh
01:04:01 Picks of the Week
1:22:42 Outro
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