How Did We Get Here

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"You act in good faith. You have nothing to lose for trying."

We talk with writer/banker Suman Mallick about love as growth, as investment, and shaped in ways we might not expect.

Show Notes

HOW DID WE GET HERE flips the migrant story.  Come, here the story of us.

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Suman Mallick is afflicted with permanent wanderlust, and currently lives in Austin with his daughter and his dog. He has a BS, a MBA, a MFA, and several PhD (parts highly defective). His debut novel was a finalist for Dzanc Books Disquiet Open Borders Book Prize, and is currently in submission.

Listen in to this banker talk about investing in love.

Honorable Mentions
* Victor Frankl Man's Search for Meaning
* Leo Tolstoy
* AFTERLIFE on Netflix

Glossary: Who is Esther Perel? What is the latest science on attachment styles?

What is How Did We Get Here?

HOW DID WE GET HERE are stories from all corners of the planet, flipping ideas of how we move through this life and what's really going on here.

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