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My guest today is Javier de la Torre who is the founder and Chief Strategy Officer of CARTO - a company considered today as one of the pioneers in the Location Intelligence field. In this episode we covered a lot of ground from how they built their brand, when they expanded globally, how they deal with privacy when it comes to location data, and the groundbreaking work they are doing on coronavirus with governments and other organizations around the world.

Show Notes

[1:53] - the personal journey from conservation scientist to founding Carto
[4:50] - what did you have when you went for VC funding
[6:24] - How Carto is helping governments map the spread of the coronavirus
[9:45] - Privacy and location data mapping. How do you deal with it?
[14:42] - How Carto built its brand and the importance of making your product accessible
[20:05] - Go-to-market - which channels have been most successful for Carto
[23:22] - How did Carto influence analysts like Gartner/Forrester and the importance of product marketing
[27:17] - When and how did you expand globally?
[32:24] - Should you go broad or should you go deep (remain a horizontal software or verticalize)
[35:03] - When did you open up your platform so others can build on top of it?
[36:41] - When to buy (acquire a company) vs build in house

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Books: Crossing the Chasm

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