Mujéres Co-Labor 4 Peace

Learn from a science teacher and farmer about the stardust in our blood and the origins of oxygen in an intimate conversation with Wren Ribeiro. Guest Renee Toll DuBois returns in ceremony to inspire healing at the root levels of day to day life. Mentions of Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Hurricane Katrina on Mujéres Co-Labor for Peace.

Creators & Guests

Wren Ribeiro
Creator of the InnerFortune journaling system and consulting practice; host of MC4P

What is Mujéres Co-Labor 4 Peace?

Mujéres Co-Labor for Peace is a show of intimate conversations about healing from the effects of Misogyny, Capitalism, and Climate Change.

These three intersecting show themes are deeply ingrained in our lives and in society. Heart by heart-centered discussion, with women who have collaborated in unique ways for social justice, can inspire not only hope and action but also healing and peace.

This show is sponsored by InnerFortune, the full life self coaching journal and is produced with Easthampton Media.