Transformative Principal

This episode is part of the Summer of AI Series, brought to you by SchoolAI, Scrible, and FocalPointK12.

In this episode, Jethro and Fred discuss chatbots and artificial intelligence. The episode covers the history of chatbots, including the Turing Test and the development of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, Bing, and Jasper. The potential uses and issues with chatbots are explored, including incomplete or misinformation, theft of intellectual property, inappropriate uses, and threats to various types of jobs. The episode also touches on the impact of chatbots on education and the potential for the weaponization of disinformation, cybersecurity, and more emotion-targeted advertising.

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  • - test out AI with your poorly written emails
  • - learn about AI and how to use it to save time with 3-minute masterclasses.
  • Today’s Topic: Bot’s Up, Doc?
  • Keynote delivered at last minute for Alaska Society for Technology in Education
  • Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence
    • Why chatbots are NOT “artificial intelligence” – yet
  • “The Father of Chat”
    • The Turing Test
    • Alan Turing OBE FRS [1912–1954] – British mathematician and computer scientist
    • Leader in the development of computer and algorithmic theory
    • At Bletchley Park, helped design a machine to crack the Enigma code
    • 1950 – Turing devises The Turing Test:
      • Can a computer produce answers indistinguishable from a human?
      • The Imitation Game
    • 1954 – Turing commits suicide
  • Large Language Models (LLMs)
    • ChatGPT (esp. 4)
    • Bing
    • Jasper
    • embedded AI
    • Photoshop
    • Google Workspace
    • incredibly rapid change
  • Current ChatGPT Issues
    • Incomplete Data or Misinformation
    • Theft of Intellectual Property
    • Inappropriate Uses
    • Response to MSU Shooting
    • Threat to Various Types of Jobs
    • Mid-to Lower-Level Tech
    • Media / PR Professionals
    • Customer Service
    • Paralegals / Attorneys?
    • Religious Leaders?
    • Monetization
  • A Quick Object Lesson
    • Censorship Is a Biz-Kill
    • China Was a Tech Leader in the 2010s
    • WeChat
    • AliPay
    • Beijing (CCP) Got Nervous
    • Party Officials Took Corporate Seats
    • The goal Was to Limit Social Influence
    • Chinese Tech Companies Slashed  Investment in Pure Research
  • ChatGPT and Education
    • A Flawed Resource for Students
    • Incomplete Information
    • Misinformation
    • Kids Will Use Technology to Cheat
      • Not the First Time …
      • Several Schools Have Had Cheating Scandals
      • NYC Blocked, then Unblocked, Access to ChatGPT
    • Responses and Solutions
    • Tools for Identifying Chat-Generated Content
    • Incorporate Chat Critiques into Curricula
    • The Revenge of the Palmer Method?
    • Create Assessments that ChatGPT Can’t Answer
  • The Parade of Horribles
    • Weaponization of Disinformation
    • Cybersecurity
    • Social Engineering
    • Scams and Spams
    • Manipulative Suggestions
    • Integration with Other Technologies
    • More Emotion-Targeted Advertising
    • Displaced Emotional Relationships
    • Personalized Chatbot (“Amanuensis”)
    • Fasten Your Seat Belt. It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Night.

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Jethro Jones interviews instructional leaders from around the nation to learn and teach what it takes to become a transformative principal. Episodes address topics like Response to Intervention (RTI), Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), the latest advances in educational research, standards-based grading, and interviews with industry leaders like Bill Daggett, Rick Wormeli, Todd Whitaker and even people outside the education like Seth Godin, JeVon McCormick, Liz Wiseman, and more.