You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist

What happens when we die? Do we go to a great beyond somewhere? Are we punished for what we’ve done wrong? Many religions have tried to tackle this problem for as long as humans have recognized the significance of death. What we know for sure is that someone will have to take care of our remains. This week, Josh Slocum provides a realist vision of what happens when we die, flowers are purchased, caskets are bought and loved ones are faced with the tough task of how to say goodbye. Join us as we discuss perhaps one of the toughest topics with smiles and laughter as a calling to remember death, but maybe not to take it too seriously. 

Josh Slocum is the host of the weekly show Disaffected, available on YouTube and all usual podcast platforms. Disaffected examines politics and culture through a psychological point of view. Josh's experience coming from an abusive childhood informs the show's working premise that the psychological narcissistic abuse found in families now structures our public life. You can access Josh’s work through his Substack, YouTube channel, or Twitter.

In this episode I mention a recent interview with Christin Sefein: 51. Wokeness Versus the Counseling Profession with Christine Sefein

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What is You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist?

You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist is a podcast for seekers, dreamers, and questioners that intimately explores the human experience. Your host, Stephanie Winn, distills years of wisdom gained from her practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She invites guests from a broad variety of disciplines and many walks of life, including researchers, writers, artists, healers, advocates, inventive outliers, and creative geniuses. Together, they investigate, illuminate, and inspire transformation - in the self, relationships, and society. Curious about many things, Stephanie’s uniquely interdisciplinary psychological lens tackles challenging social issues while encouraging personal and relational wellness. Join this journey through the inner wilderness.