Jen Chau Fontan, a certified somatic coach, works towards helping people recreate the spaciousness that they already have.

Living in Westchester, NY, after working within NYC nonprofits in management and talent/HR positions, Jen Chau Fontan transitioned into full-time coaching as an executive coach to senior leaders of progressive sector organizations through The Management Center, where she serves as an adjunct coach today. Jen created her practice, JCF Coaching, in 2018. 

Jen shares how she had many responsibilities in her early life, which gave her amazing experience in creating a culture and spaces for people to be happy.  With a gift for feeling people in somatic coaching, Jen explains how getting back to our bodies and finding time to work on the thing that is most important to our core is the essence of us humans.

Family and circumstances around us, including culture and community, shape us; we are always practicing something, and we have to be aware of what it is that we are practicing.

🌺 Jen had many responsibilities while growing up: HR, culture, and creating spaces for people to be happy. 04:00
🔝 Limitations in DEI work always come from the top: becoming a coach and helping CEOs grow their leadership. 05:10
🤩 Nurture and nature of Jen’s family: being tuned in with all of her family, and dynamics that helped her in her new company. 07:26
🪞 Ron’s mom had a specific gift: Jen’s gift for feeling people in somatic coaching. 11:15
⚡ Feeling people through Zoom is possible: picking up so many things in front of us. 14:19
☯️ Ron’s spiritual coach, Julie Chan: all dimensions of knowledge and wisdom around us. 16:23
🤓 What is somatic coaching: personal training for the most important thing you want to be. 17:40
🤖 Getting us back to our bodies: how capitalism and racism are making us robotic - there is wisdom in the body.  19:43
🫱🏾‍🫲🏼 What is great about being White, Black, Latinx, or Asian: the embodiment explains so many human characteristics.  23:47
😇 Shaping stories from family, institutions, and communities: gender, race, and culture shape us.  27:03
😍 Jen and Ron worked six years together in New Leaders: passion, love, and respect for the cause. 29:01
🎳 Bowling matches during New Leaders: competitive and fun team building and socializing. 32:31
💎 Jen’s RONderings: What are you practicing right now - we are always practicing something, so be aware of what. 35:39

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