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Today’s guest is Karthik Puvvada. Often called KP by his friends and audience on the internet, he's a founder, creator, and coach based out of Atlanta. He's also the program director at Day One, a premier founder school backed by Gary Vee and Antler Ventures. He has built several global entrepreneurial communities, including On Deck: No Code Fellowship from scratch to a $1M in revenue with an audience of over 35,000 on Twitter and 7,000 on email. There's a reason he's become known as the “Build In Public Guy.”
The three topics Josh and KP tackle include:

(04:29) A Successful Coach Reveals His Marketing Secrets
(22:22) How To Get Coaching Clients To Hire You For A Year
(33:03) How Much To Charge Your Coaching Clients

Show Notes

Show Notes
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Mentioned on the episode: 
Read This Before You Hire A Social Media Consultant
The Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza
To Connect with KP:
Twitter: @thisiskp_
Website: www.thisiskp.com
Day One Website: www.joindayone.com/
On Deck Website: www.beondeck.com
LinkedIn: in/karthikpuvvada
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