Passport Comedy Podcast

In his episode we interview Filippo Spreafico and Beatrice Rossano. They talk about their experiences as traveling comics touring around Eastern Europe with Filippo’s special called Italian Rhapsody. 

Filippo Spreafico has been Italian for many years, and he is completely unapologetic about it. He even has a passport that proves it. His show is about identity, where to purchase it and how to cook it properly to impress your friends.

Beatrice Rossano is another Italian comic based in Warsaw, Poland. Besides hustling a day job she nurtures and cares an English comedy scene at Warsaw under the name of The Comedy Hole. She also produces a podcast with the same name, check it out.

What is Passport Comedy Podcast?

Interviews with comedians and creators from all around the world at TuzBiber FM studios in Istanbul.