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Michele DeStefano is the Founder and Executive Director of LawWithoutWalls, and Professor of Law, University of Miami.

She’s an author, speaker, independent consultant, and facilitator to law firms, corporate legal departments, and legal startups on innovation and technology, culture creation, teaming, and cross-practice, cross-border initiatives.

Michele is the author of Legal Upheaval and New Suits.

Show Notes

The call for innovation is really a call for service transformation in disguise. What clients are really asking for is a different way of servicing and working with them, and that in itself is an innovation in terms of process. 

We kick off the third season of the podcast with the fantastic Michele DeStefano. The basis of this episode is exploring some of the ideas behind Michele's book - Legal Upheaval.

We talk about:
  • What clients are asking for from lawyers
  • How GCs and Corporates feel about the service being received by their lawyers
  • The call for service transformation 
  • Change management: lawyers are not so resistant to change
  • How the lawyer's skills delta has changed since its inception 18 months ago

I think if you took all of my interviews of all the in house counsel from around the world. And put them into one of those word grams. I think the words that would come out the most would be together.

I think that's an important and big shift because that's hard to do, very hard to do, especially when you're working with many different clients... I would say that that is the number one, the number one thing that lawyers don't spend long enough on is asking why before jumping to solve.

Find out more

Law Without Walls
Michele's on social: LinkedIn and Twitter
Michele's books: Legal Upheaval and New Suits

What is Fringe Legal?

Fringe Legal is a podcast discussing the future of the legal profession. Aimed at law firm leaders and influencers, each episode is a thoughtful discussion with a diverse range of voices about ideas impacting the evolution of the legal profession.

Along the way, we’ll learn about challenges to be overcome, what’s worked in the past, and expert tips on what could make a difference in the future.