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In this episode of the Cloud Native Compass, host David Flanagan interviews Natan from Wix Engineering about event-driven architectures. 

Natan shares his experience as a software engineer for almost 20 years and how working at Wix has improved his engineering skills. Wix has a powerful website building platform that has enabled people with different skill levels to build websites. They have expanded their reach from self-creators to agencies and web professionals and created a whole ecosystem platform. Wix has around 2,500 microservices in production, even more added every week, and they have a lot of visitors, around 1 billion unique visitors every month, which gives more than 500 billion HTTP requests per day and 70 billion Kafka events produced every day.

Let's learn how Natan and Wix build for success at some pretty stagger numbers.

  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (02:25) - The Scale of Wix
  • (08:50) - When & Why Event Driven Architectures
  • (14:45) - Service Mesh
  • (19:30) - Dev & Ops
  • (27:15) - Schema Evolution & Versioning
  • (34:00) - Introducing New Tools
  • (37:15) - Cost Optimisation
  • (44:44) - Plugs
  • (00:00) - Chapter 10


Creators & Guests

David Flanagan
I teach people advanced Kubernetes & Cloud Native patterns and practices. I am the founder of the Rawkode Academy and KubeHuddle, and I co-organise Kubernetes London.
Natan Silnitsky
Backend Infra Tech Lead at Wix

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