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Instructional Methods: What instructional methods help you deliver training to stimulate learners to communicate, reflect, generate ideas, and learn? What are the time, distance, budge, and schedules to consider for each training method? (AOE 3. Training Delivery; 3.3. Instructional Methods)

Show Notes

3.3. Instructional Methods
Learning Objective: Explain what is meant by instructional methods, and list five factors that talent development professionals should consider when selecting an appropriate method

Choosing an Instructional Method
: science + art + feeling = decision; After you write the learning objectives to define the knowledge, skills, and attitudes, that professional learners should acquire as a result of training, the selective method or activity should relate to the LO and other factors, including:
  • Type of Learning: intellectual & cognitive skills, motor skills, attitudes
  • Audience: level, department
  • Demographics or Profile: age, gender, level of education
  • Number of Learners: individual, small groups, large groups
  • Media Available: select by appropriateness, number of learners, financial considerations
  • Budget: funds available for development as well as presentation
  • Physical Site: centralized, decentralized, specialized
  • Trainer’s Skills and Training Style
READ: Choosing and Using The Right Instructional Methods and Training Activities 

READ: Selecting the Instructional Setting

Refer to more about choice for instructional methods for training, teaching, and learning in AOE 2. Instructional Design; 2.9. Instructional Methods

Books mentioned in this episode:
  • Virtual Training Tools and Templates by Cindy Huggett

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