Finneran's Wake - For Kids!

This story features distraught king, whose noble son, Prince Cadmus, is tasked with finding and recovering Europa, his stolen sister; his failure to do so, and his consequent exile from the realm; his visit to the Oracle of Delphi and his founding of a new city, Thebes; the monster by whom that city was menaced, against whom our great hero waged a legendary fight; the warriors who sprang from the dragon’s teeth, who proceeded to kill one another in a civil war.

You'll not want to miss this tale!

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What is Finneran's Wake - For Kids! ?

Wondrous tales of heroes and myths for your child’s enlightenment (and your entertainment!) Gather your little ones, ready your minds, and join me, as we embark together (all of us!—parents included!) on fantastic adventures in distant lands. Here, on Finneran’s Wake, you’ll find THE greatest stories ever told, the stories passed down from one generation to the next since the dawn of time, by which our great culture has been raised, and your child will be too.