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Kit Knowles is a sustainability consultant whose pioneering practice, Ecospheric, is forging its own path, concerned with making the greatest impact, getting things done, and big backer of research so they can learn how to do better.

This week’s episode can be summarised as being about “the inherent conservation of energy principles associated with a building” i.e. design before fabric, and doing the work on paper before you get close to construction. Hence, ‘fabric second, not fabric first’.

His firm, Ecospheric, is an award-winning consultancy that supports planners, architects, and developers in designing and delivering pioneering eco developments that save carbon and drive technological change. There’s every chance that you’ll have encountered his work before, particularly the renowned Zetland Passive House in Manchester.

We touch on a bit of everything but there’s loads more to see to check the Ecospheric website.

Notes from the episode

We don't actually earn anything from this, and it's quite a lot of work, so we have to promote the day jobs.


What is Zero Ambitions Podcast?

Zero Ambitions is a podcast about sustainability and the built environment. There is no single solution to fixing the built environment, so we're talking our way through as much of it as we can.

We find interesting guests who know what they're talking about and speak with them about sustainability, good practice, and how to make a difference because the challenges are massive and the problems complex.

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