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Having worked throughout the marketing and advertising industry, Paul Jacobs and his 3 co-founders started Wax/On, a new type of creative and media agency. I spoke with Paul to talk about some of his past experiences, why he is passionate about startups, which entrepreneurs he admires, why podcasting is such a good medium and some of his favourite advertising campaigns.

Show Notes

Paul Jacobs is the Managing Partner at Wax/On and oversees the day-to-day running of the agency. Previously, he was Business Lead at Karmarama working with brands such as BT and Porsche and more recently a Director at Edelman, where he led the set-up of their creative services, working on global projects for Microsoft, Asics and Nestle. He also makes sure we all get enough sleep!

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What we cover in this episode:

  • Paul's career, from Ogilvy in Australia to Business Lead at Karmarama (acq. Accenture 2016)
  • Why did he (and his 3 other co-founders) start Wax/On?
  • What does Wax/On do?
  • Why Paul is passionate about startups
  • Paul's startup community with The Drum Network
  • What makes a good podcast
  • Why Dave Buonaguidi and James Connelly are inspiring as entrepenuers
  • Some of the best campaigns Paul has worked on (and some he hasn't)

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