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Returning guest Chris Mancini comes back to join us to talk about the new Mortal Kombat film as well as give his thoughts on the Oscars. Other movies discussed, Promising Young Woman, Without Remorse, and The Mitchells vs Machines.

Show Notes

What a great episode with our returning guest Chris Mancini! We all had thoughts about the newest Mortal Kombat movie. Chris gives his thoughts about the Academy Awards. Chris also gives us his thoughts about Promising Young Woman. Patrick talks about the new Amazon Prime movie, Without Remorse. Jeff talks about this week's #familymovienight pick, The Mitchells vs. The Machines.
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What is Parental Advisory Movie Podcast ?

A movie podcast where two dads, Jeff and Patrick talk about movies that they have seen with and without their children. They also discuss stories about taking their kids to the movies.