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This is a conversation with Prashant Mohan, CMO at Sharesight. We talk about his journey from Software Engineer to Marketing Leader and how he marries data and creativity for ultimate B2B Marketing success.

Show Notes

Prashant Mohan began his career as a software engineer before making a move into marketing.

He's now CMO at Sharesight (an online portfolio tracking software), but it hasn't always been easy for him; he had to leave his comfort zone of data and work hard to build his creative side, something that didn't come naturally.

Prashant came to believe that marketing is a blend of art and science, and throughout our enlightening conversation, Prashant talks about where he sees marketers' roles within a B2B setting and how we can become agents of change within our organizations.

Topics Discussed:
  • Dealing with Constraints and Challenges
  • Simplifying Messages and Determining Value Propositions
  • The Marketer’s Role in a B2B Setting
  • Arming a Creative Person with the Right Tools
  • Brands Are Not the Hero of the Story
  • Becoming a Marketing Agent of Change
  • Meta Skills of the Modern Marketer
  • What Non-Technical Marketers Should Know
  • Allowing Employees the Space and Time to Create


What is The Growth Leadership Show?

The Growth Leadership Show is a straight-to-the-heart marketing podcast.

Sandro Meyer sits down with growth leaders from around the world for an honest conversation about the successes, struggles, and decisions that have shaped their lives. Together, we dig deeper and peel back the layers of their career-choices, growth strategies and leadership philosophies, so you can apply their hard-earned lessons to your own life and career.